About Howard Dinits R(B)

Who is Howard Dinits?

Howard is a bundle of energy always ready to talk story about real estate, technology and health. His philosophy is to “tell it ‘how it is’ without any sugar-coating”, so here it is!

Howard and his Assistant, who is also his wife, split their time on the Big Island and Maui. With homes on two Islands, Howard is able to help people with Real Estate throughout Hawaii. He draws on skills from previous experience as a mortgage broker, web designer/marketer, and a real estate investor to make him a top realtor in Hawaii. As a result of the 9-11 attacks, his trip to Boston was cancelled when planes were grounded. He traded his much needed “east coast vacation tickets” in for tickets to Hawaii and decided to make the Big Island his home.

Upon arrival to Big Island, Howard went to a Kona Realtor asking to see only properties he could easily afford at $85,000 or under. The Realtor laughed; so, he drove to the east side and found a great neighborhood in Puna with high speed internet, paved roads, mail delivery and water. Yes, within his price range. He also found a great lifestyle, loving people, and mostly, all the amenities of the mainland, yet with warm weather!

Howard’s focus is having fun and living a healthy lifestyle. Howard recently discovered he had hereditary gout. This problem had been plaguing him for years. After his diagnosis Howard decided to educate himself so that he could rid himself of daily pain the natural way, without drugs.

“So many people are living with it and don’t realize what’s going on! I will be happy to share all I have learned with anyone interested, because just knowing and treating it has given me great relief. I thought I was just going to live in pain for the rest of my life and I would have to deal with it, but it turns out, there are very reliable methods to preventing gout pain.” Said Howard.

“The problem starts when uric acids build up in the bloodstream and crystalize in the joints and cause pain. The build up is caused from eating foods that are high in purines.  “No, no” foods are any shellfish, seafood, meats, legumes, lentils, or game birds as well as, oatmeal, cranberries, and asparagus! Can you believe asparagus?! Gout can be naturally controlled with regular exercise, relaxation, lots of water, cherries, hemp oil, and a vegetarian diet. Once under control,  ‘ no-no’ foods may be consumed once in a while and the pain won’t “kill you.”

With Howard’s comments in mind, what is his 2009 New Year’s resolution? He says it is the year to take “Mary & Howard” time; one hour bike cruises with no phone calls or business conversations, just pure relaxation. His wife, Mary is his best teammate because they have opposite skills and they complement each other.

Mary is in charge of office affairs and all the details behind the scenes as Howard works in the field. He has to be present to show homes, stay abreast of his education, not only for professional licensing, but to be on top of cutting edge technology. He has built premiere websites over the years, which connects both buyers and sellers with information and the ability to work directly with Howard Dinits. He says most websites are about the Real Estate agent’s ego instead of providing quality photos and listings. Consumers want an honest and comprehensive response quickly and with the help of the Internet and email Howard makes it all possible.

Real estate websites today need to incorporate web 2.0 skills. On Howard’s sites you’ll see virtual tours, streaming video, daily news, things to do, neighborhood and relocation information. High quality photos are crucial, Howard uses a wide angle lenses, proper lighting and staging to show the property in it’s best light.  A detailed description including driving directions is vital as many consumers find it easier to drive by a home first before deciding to ask for a showing. Listing the home at the right price gets showings, calls and action on the property – many times it can even get multiple offers!  Speaking of listing price, Howard’s other philosophy is to attract attention to the property and he requires  sellers to come up with a figure which does not end in zeros to make their property stand out.

To prove the results of these ideas, Howard tells a story. “…a listing very recently, a lady had a home on the market for a long time. Wondering why it didn’t sell, she researched who was selling homes and found me because most of the  SOLD listings had my name on them. She gave me the perfect opportunity – to some, maybe impossible, but for me it was a challenge. She was willing to play the price is right with the numbers. The only thing was I had 90 days to sell her property. Quickly, I started marketing the home.” (….Unrelated, but fortuitously, a computer illiterate man calls because he wrote Howard’s number down while clicking away on his new computer and couldn’t figure out how to get back to the website and search for homes….)

Howard continues, “I ended up personally helping this guy who knew nothing about computers learn how to do a property search by actually going to his home in Lahaina, made his home page www.BigIslandRealEstate.com and showed him how to shop for homes online. I had no idea where this would lead; I was just responding to a buyer inquiry.  Later that week, he flew in to Hilo to look at homes for sale, including the 90 day listing!  I knew shortly after arriving at my new listing, by his actions, that this home near the ocean was a complete match, so we went back to the office so I can provide more information about the home. In the office, I discovered he would not buy on his first day of looking, so I told him to go out for dinner with his girlfriend and made an appointment for the next day. It was risky, because he could go somewhere else, but he showed up on time and purchased the properly priced home on the 9th day of the listing.”

New technologies Howard uses are:  a pocket video camera made by Kodak (Zi6) with a removable SD card to enable him to send videos to consumers or sellers or do a final walk through for his buyers. The retail price is $200 and he has used it many times. He recently videoed what a home looked like after the tenants vacated to show the messy conditions to convince the seller to pay for a cleaning service.

Another great technology is: text service available through an online texting service which sends detailed property information to folks interested in his listings. His ‘For Sale’ signs have a text area. The consumer types the text into their “internet enabled” phone and obtains immediate listing information including photos, price, links to his website, and other details. Meanwhile, ‘the service’ sends a message to him that the listing is being looked at and gives the phone contact of the person viewing it. He can then choose to call the potential client immediately to see if they would like more information or to schedule an appointment.

Supra Lock Boxes are another way to use technology. It is the most secure lock box available as it records each real agents name, license and phone number that shows a home. Howard can go online and track activity and follow up with agents after their showing without having to go out to the home to see who left a card on the counter!

In our closing, Howard wanted to stress his formula for selecting the best price and the importance of not showing a property unless it is at a positive. “Market Data or a Broker’s Price Opinion is the best way of selecting a price. A full time real estate agent will have a better pulse on the market than an appraiser would, because appraisers are using data that is four month’s old. They don’t know what is in escrow and won’t know for a couple months. If you want to sell in today’s market, the list price needs to be at or below market value. The code of ethics state I cannot mislead a consumer on the value of a property, so I can not take over priced listings, and it is my fiduciary duty to explain what market value is to all potential buyers and sellers.

Howard has incorporated all of these talents and skills to propel himself to the top of his profession. He is the top selling RE/MAX agent on the Big Island. Howard has helped more people than any other Realtor, in the district of Puna in the years of 2007, 2008, and 2009. With his over 200 happy clients talking story about him and his honesty, integrity and hard work, Howard’s business continues to grow on both the Big Island and Maui. Via word of mouth he expects continued success throughout 2010 and beyond. Howard owes all of his accomplishments, to his wife Mary for all of her help and understanding of the amount of time and energy that is required to be the Best of the Best.

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Big Island Real Estate Sales October 02 2009

Big Island Real Estate Sales
Hawaii Home Sales

For the week of Sept. 28-Oct. 2



44-2184 KAAPAHU RD 10/2/2009 $680,000
44-155 PAAUHAU ST 9/30/2009 $120,000
3921970030000 9/29/2009 $110,000
96-3067 KOALI ST 9/30/2009 $120,000
3990100110000 9/29/2009 $117,000
North Kohala
53-411 HALAULA MAULILI RD 9/29/2009 $175,000
55-3415 KEAWE IKI ST 9/30/2009 $250,000
59-117 HAHALUA PL 10/1/2009 $637,520
3590180050000 9/29/2009 $325,000
North Kona
72-131 PAKUI ST 10/1/2009 $4,750,000
73-1213 LOLOA DR 9/28/2009 $226,000
73-4266 KIEKIE ST 9/28/2009 $419,533
73-1117 AHULANI ST 9/30/2009 $297,533
73-4105 LAPAAU PL 9/30/2009 $350,000
74-5023 KEALAKAA ST 10/2/2009 $240,000
75-5669 KUAKINI HWY #5 301 9/29/2009 $180,000
75-346 HUALALAI RD #F201 9/28/2009 $335,000
75-5919 ALII DR #DD1 10/1/2009 $400,000
KONA SEA RIDGE #B2 10/1/2009 $206,000
75-5775 KAILA PL 9/29/2009 $315,000
75-6105 AKOA ST 9/30/2009 $1,150,000
75-320 OMILO PL 9/28/2009 $360,000
77-6467 ALII DR #A4 9/30/2009 $126,533
77-222 KE ALOHI KAI PL 10/2/2009 $650,000
78-6411 MAMALAHOA HWY 9/30/2009 $150,000
78-6800 ALII DR #36 10/1/2009 $246,000
11-3341 PA ALII ST 10/2/2009 $269,000
11-2793 LEHUA ST 9/28/2009 $117,000
13-3333 N ST 9/29/2009 $310,000
15-2021 14TH AVE 9/29/2009 $185,000
15-1351 28TH AVE 10/1/2009 $160,800
15-1780 17TH AVE 10/2/2009 $195,000
15-1546 11TH AVE 9/30/2009 $192,000
15-889 PARADISE ALA KAI DR 9/29/2009 $595,000
15-2819 MALOLO ST 10/2/2009 $212,000
16-694 ORCHIDLAND DR 9/30/2009 $238,533
16-1217 UHINI ANA RD 9/30/2009 $210,000
16-1309 35TH AVE 10/1/2009 $179,000
16-1381 POHAKU CIR 9/30/2009 $210,000
16-2143 PUKALANI DR 10/1/2009 $125,000
16-2123 TREEFERN DR 10/1/2009 $170,133
16-2068 LAUHALA DR 10/1/2009 $130,000
17-399 HAPPY HOMES RD 9/29/2009 $205,000
3180080430000 10/2/2009 $102,000
18-2430 VOLCANO RD 9/30/2009 $227,000
South Hilo
410 OLU ST 9/29/2009 $280,000
1616 WAIANUENUE AVE 10/1/2009 $445,000
29 AKEA ST 9/28/2009 $365,000
1207 OIHANA ST 9/28/2009 $216,000
25-005 UA NAHELE ST 9/29/2009 $215,000
165 PUHILI ST 10/1/2009 $277,000
107 HOKULANI PL 10/1/2009 $345,000
272 EDITA ST 10/1/2009 $419,000
27-341 KAAPOKO HOMESTEAD RD 9/28/2009 $411,800
19-194 KULANA ST 9/28/2009 $235,000
28-251 STABLE CAMP RD 10/1/2009 $100,000
South Kohala
64-1009 KAULA ILI PL 9/30/2009 $433,000
68-1780 PUU NUI ST 9/29/2009 $280,000
68-3720 EHAKO ST 9/30/2009 $485,000
KULALANI AT MAUNA LANI #2002 9/30/2009 $600,000
68-3567 AWAMOA PL 9/28/2009 $339,000
68-3608 HAENA ST 10/2/2009 $355,000
3680350850000 10/1/2009 $114,900
3680400630000 10/1/2009 $144,000
WAIKOLOA BEACH VILLAS #K1 10/1/2009 $530,000
69-1000 KOLEA KAI CIR #16M 9/30/2009 $521,933
South Kona
84-5099 PAINTED CHURCH RD 9/28/2009 $237,133
3880160200000 10/1/2009 $160,000

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Good News!
We just listed a home on the Big Island.
Who do you know that wants to live in Hawaii?


Howard Dinits, R(B)
Dinits Realty

Direct: 808-874-0600

Toll FREE 877-434-6487
Text/Cell 808-896-1593


18-3976 CANNEY RD,

Mountain View, HI 96771

Price: $350,000
Listing ID 276442
Status Active
Bedrooms 3
Full Baths 3
Partial Baths 1
Square Feet 2,244
Acres 1


Property Description:

Cool Ranch on Canney Road is a winner for location, lifestyle, and living space. This home for sale in Mountain View is immaculately clean, generously sized and a well maintained 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath with 1,572 square foot interior and a guest cottage with 672 square foot interior. Cool Ranch sits on one acre fully fenced and manicured with deep rich soil perfect for gardening edible and ornamental plants or raising livestock. Great Location is well above the fray of lower Puna and its traffic congestion. Cool Ranch is 1,700 feet elevation and receives about 170” of rain a year, so your yard is lush without irrigation. Cool Ranch is in Canney Road Homestead an exclusive 12 parcel subdivision with easy access to Volcano Highway and no covenants, codes or restrictions to limit your lifestyle. Road maintenance fee is $111 a year for Canney road upkeep. Property feels like a world away yet you are just a 20 minute drive to Hilo. Cool Ranch was recently remodeled with Tiger Wood laminate flooring, granite composite double bowl kitchen sink, and much more. Cathedral wood ceilings give great room nice volume. Green features include a gas stove, gas dryer and a solar water heater installed 4 years ago with an 80 gallon tank. Home is on county water so plentiful drinking water is never a concern. High speed internet and cable tv keeps you connected while enjoying a country lifestyle. Covered lanai and carports give you space to park vehicles, entertain or pursue hobbies. Attached carport has 440 square foot interior. Large carport on right side of driveway has 841 square feet under the roof with racks to hang kayaks. Paved driveway has secured access by an electric gate with 4 remotes. Covered front porch has 296 square feet for you to lounge. Backyard sheds provide 308 square feet of storage. See and get a taste of all what Cool Ranch has to offer and you will be hooked.

Primary Features

Status: Active
Listing Date: 2014-08-24
County: Hawaii
Design: Double Wall
District: Puna
Features: Ceilings-9’+, Ceiling-Cathedral, Exterior Lighting, Floor Drain, Smoke/Heat Detector
Oceanfront Parcel: no

Property Type: Residential
Schools: Mountain View
Subdivision: Canney Road Homesteads
Tax Key: 3180030180000
Topography: Gentle Slope
Vehicle Storage/Parking: Attached, Detached
View: Ocean, Ocean Horizon
Zoning: A-1A
Listing ID: 276442
Listing Price: $350,000

Interior Features

Appliances: Disposal, Refrigerator, Range/Oven, Range Hood
Total Baths: 3.01
Full Baths: 3
Baths 1/2 (Total): 1

Square Feet: 2,244
Floor Covering: Carpet, Ceramic Tile
Heating/Cooling: None
Power: Overhead
Window Coverings: Other (remarks)


Fence/Wall: Chain Link, Rock/Stone
Land Area: 43560
Land Tenure: Fee Simple
Lot Description – Land: Inside
Lot Number: 63
Pool: no

Roads: Graded, Private
Solid Waste Disposal (Trash): County-No Charge
Telephone Availability: Cable, Land Line
Tours: 1
TV Availability: Satellite, Cable
Washer/Dryer: Dryer, Gas, Washer
Wastewater: Cesspool
Water: Municipal

External Features

Financial Details

Tax Key 9: 318003018
Taxes (Annual): 856

Location Information

Location: 18-3976 Canney Rd

– See more at: http://idxsearch.bigislandrealestate.com/idx/details/hawaii-property-for-sale-listing/a213/276442/18-3976-CANNEY-RD-Mountain-View-Hawaii-96771

To Slurp or not to Slurp, that is the Question

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Howard Dinits R(B)

now at Dinits Realty

howard dinits

Looking for some fun this weekend?

Check out Cool Fusion – Festival of 1,000 Bowls

Date: September 7 , 2013

Time: 12:00am – 3:00pm

Admission: $25

“To Slurp or not to Slurp, that is the Question.”
Admission: $25 for Adults and $12 for Children 12 and under
Member Promo: $20 for members by advance purchase.

The seventh annual event, “Cool Fusion: The Festival of 1000 Bowls” will be held on Saturday, September 7, at the Donkey Mill Art Center in Holualoa. Once again your local community art center invites you to come up the hill to cool Kona coffee land to enjoy a refreshing lunch of somen noodles served in a handmade bowl of your choice. Relax on the lawn of the art center while you enjoy live music by Grammy and multiple Na Hoku Hano Hano award winning slack key artist John Keawe.

This festival is an opportunity for guests to bring a piece of handmade art into their daily life. Local ceramic artists have volunteered their time and talent to create 1000 beautiful handmade noodle bowls, which will be displayed the day of the event. Upon arriving, each guest chooses one of these bowls — which they will keep — to enjoy a light lunch of Japanese cold somen noodles. (Somen is a signature summer dish served cold. Very thin, wheat flour noodles are artfully presented — served in a special broth with an array of carefully prepared toppings, in a personal-sized bowl called a soba choko).

All funds raised by this event will support the Ceramics Department’s mission to bring clay art to people of all ages and abilities in our island community. Along with year-round ongoing classes in pottery and sculpture, the program also offers weekend workshops focusing on various techniques taught by visiting artists from around the world. This lively exchange of cultures and perspectives brings an essential flow of fresh ideas and new information into our local ceramic scene. Your support allows the Donkey Mill to continue to keep the kilns firing so we can all have access to the healing power of clay.

Admission is $25 for adults and $12 for children 12 and under, and additional bowls can be purchased for as little as $10 each. We will also have larger bowls for sale, as well as other handmade ceramic items.
Join us for a lovely and relaxing afternoon to support your community art center.

For more details, call 808 322-3362 or visit donkeymillartcenter.org.

Why are ther so many Foreclosures on the Big Island

Why are ther so many Foreclosures on the Big Island? Especially in Hilo and Puna Areas

Predatory Lending: Loans approved for borrowers who do not have the necessary financial resources to meet the obligations of the debt; along with, the lenders’ failure to provide sufficient information regarding future adjustments of the interest rates (i.e. Adjustable Rate Mortgage – ARM). Do not confuse predatory lending with aggressive lending.

Declining Prices: 25% of all homes are now worth less than the loan amount and are referred to as being “upside down.” In this scenario, if homeowners are having difficulty making payments, many choose to “walk away” from the property and the mortgage allowing foreclosure to take place. Unfortunately, foreclosed properties are typically sold at “below market” prices which further contributes pricing reductions.

Unemployment: Because the real estate market is directly tied to the job market, the rise in unemployment has had an adverse effect on the market. New jobs are needed to create the need for new homes. It has been estimated that it will take 1.2 new jobs to create the need for one more house.

Increased Debt: The amount of credit card and installment loan debt in this country has been continually increasing for a number of years, as have the interest rates on those loan instruments.

Increase in Home Inventory: The National Association of REALTORS® estimates that six-months of inventory creates a neutral market, meaning that there is an equal number of buyers and sellers which causes the price of real estate to remain static.  In this case we have moe than a 6 month supply, so the prices have dropped.
Looking to get a good deal on a Foreclosure in Hawaii?
go to http://www.hawaiiforeclosure.info/
Howard Dinits RB
Dinits Realty

16-2056 Hanale Pahoa HI 96778 Dinits Realty

Please check out our Brand New Listing – Built in 2013
One of the Best Buys in Ainaloa priced at 180,000

Please let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested in this home.
Want to Make an Offer? Click to Call Howard Dinits Now! Howard Dinits - Broker with Dinits Realty
Property Photo
Red Rock Ranch is this beautiful home built in 2013 with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths 1,218 sq ft interior.
Red Rock Ranch is this beautiful home built in 2013 on paved Hanale Drive. This property for sale on the Big Island has three bedrooms, two baths and a 1,218 square foot interior. Red Rock Ranch is clean, move-in ready with vertical blinds and designer concrete floor. Kitchen is chic with black granite tile counter tops, light cabinets and black appliances including an electric glass topped stove, fridge , and microwave range hood. Bathrooms have vanities topped with solid blue pearl granite and tile floors. Unique floorplan has a separate master bedroom suite on the other side of garage for privacy and comfort. Master has its own 78 square foot covered patio , full bath, marble stone floor and a wet bar with cabinets, granite counter top, bar fridge and sink. Red Rock Ranch is priced to sell in the popular neighborhood of Ainaloa. This area has a community association and the dues of $150 a year are used for Road Maintenance and up keep of common areas. The active neighborhood watch meets at the community longhouse once a month. Residents have access to the association park with play and picnic areas. Taxes are currently $1,588. a year. Great location is in the middle of Ainaloa where it is cool and less congested than the more densely populated lower portion of neighborhood. Property is 700 feet above sea level. Abundant rainfall of 150-160″ a year keeps your yard green and your catchment tank filled. Pull into your garage that conveniently opens by remote. Need to deliver materials to your backyard? Open the garage door to the backyard for easy access. Your pump and filter system is also housed in the garage as is the washer and dryer to protecting them from the elements, so they last longer. House sits on a 12,000 square foot parcel that is highlighted by native ohia trees and extensive rock garden including a boulder accenting the front yard. Property is eighty feet wide and one hundred and fifty feet long. – See more at: http://idxsearch.bigislandrealestate.com/idx/details/hawaii-property-for-sale-listing/a213/281304/16-2056-HANALE-DR-Pahoa-Hawaii-96778

Property Photo
Front porch has 144 sq ft of space to lounge or greet visitors.

Property Photo
Front door looks classy and adds natural light with a leaded glass window.

Property Photo
Front door opens to great room with a dining area with chandelier and living room area opposite.

Property Photo
Next to the kitchen and dining area is a door to access garage and the separate master bedroom suite.

Property Photo
Kitchen counter tops are black granite tile. Appliances include a microwave range and fridge with water and ice in the door.

Property Photo
Living room has great natural light from abundant windows. Floors in are stained designer concrete with pattern in the great room

Property Photo
Hallway just past kitchen leads to a bath and two bedrooms.

Property Photo
Main bath has a window for fresh air and daylight. Window face left side yard. Counter is solid blue pearl granite.

Property Photo
First Bedroom is off the hallway on the left with 2 windows with left side yard and back yard views.

Property Photo
First Bedroom has a closet with mirrored doors. Doorway to second bedroom visible across the hallway.

Property Photo
Second bedroom has two windows with right side yard and backyard views.

Property Photo
Second bedroom also has a closet with mirrored doors. Floor is the stained and sealed concrete.

Property Photo
Master bedroom has private lanai with 78 sq ft of covered deck space to relax.

Property Photo
Master bedroom is totally separate from main house by garage. Flooring is marble tile.

Property Photo
Master really is a suite with a wet bar with sink, cabinets, granite counters and a small bar fridge.

Property Photo
Master bedroom has an attached bath with blue pearl granite topped vanity and a window facing the front yard.

Property Photo
Right side of 432 square foot garage has the door to the separate master bedroom suite.

Property Photo
Left side of garage has the door to enter main house through dining area. Garage has 2 automatic doors to front and back yards.

Property Photo
View of the back of home with both garage doors open shows the pass thru convenience to access backyard.

Property Photo
Besides native Ohia trees front yard has a large boulder ac
centing landscape.

Property Photo
Red Rock Ranch has a graded drive that leads from Hanale Drive to home.

Property Photo
Paved Hanale Drive reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle.

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Sold House In Nanawale

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Should I Buy a Home Now?


I’m often asked if this is a good time to buy a home. Some clients are concerned that home prices may fall further than they have already. They are assuming that the best course of action is to wait for the bottom in the market and then buy. The problem with this approach is that you don’t know where the bottom is until you see it in the rear view mirror, meaning until you’ve missed it!

Home prices are one factor in determining your cost of ownership, but so are interest rates and financing availability. Even though interest rates have gone up in the last six months, they are still near historic lows. Since your monthly mortgage payment is a combination of paying down your principal and paying the interest owed, if home prices come down a little further but interest rates go up, it could cost you even more to service a mortgage on an identical home!

While a home is a major investment, it is also the center of your personal life. It’s important to live in a home that reflects your taste and values, yet is within your financial “comfort zone.” To that end, it may be more important to lock in today’s relatively low interest rates and low home prices, rather than to hope for a further break in prices in the future.

Please give me a call if I can be of any assistance in determining how much home you can afford in today’s market.